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Certificates of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit is a building block to a solid financial future. Savings accounts along with money market checking accounts, and IRAs are also important tools for your nest egg.

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a deposit account that provides a fixed rate of return for a specific period of time. They offer a guaranteed interest rate and the flexibility to choose a term that fits your investment needs. CDs offer you peace of mind and great earnings potential, without risking what you have worked hard to save. They are also FDIC-insured.

Please call or email us for our current interest rates on our CDs.

$500 minimum deposit for a CD
  • 7-31 Day Certificate 
  • 91 Day Certificate    
  • 182 Day Certificate  
  • 12 Month Certificate
  • 18 Month Certificate
  • 24 Month Certificate
  • 30 Month Certificate
  • 36 Month Certificate
  • 48 Month Certificate
  • 60 Month Certificate
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