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Home & Real Estate Loans

At the First National Bank at Darlington, we understand that the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime is the purchase of a home. Making the right choice when it comes to financing is an important decision that could make your dream of owning a home come true.

Financing your home requires thought and planning. We can help you determine what your mortgage needs are, assist you with pre-qualification, and find the right program for your needs. In today’s loan market, you have a variety of programs to choose from—secondary market long-term fixed rate, in-house ballon, and guaranteed rural housing.

Our loan officers will help you examine your needs and long-term goals and find the program that is right for you. We have mortgages that are geared toward both first-time and experienced homebuyers. Whatever your financing needs are, we will help you choose the right program.

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We offer the following types of Home Loans

Secondary Market Fixed Rate Mortgages If you want the stability of a set rate for the life of your loan, then a fixed rate mortgage may be the way to go. Usually the longer the term of the mortgage, the more interest you pay over the life of your loan. However, a longer term means your monthly mortgage payments will be less than they would be with a comparable shorter-term mortgage. Servicing transferred.

Balloon MortgagesA type of mortgage that is like the traditional fixed-rate or variable-rate loan except that it is due after a specified amount of time has elapsed. When the loan matures, the borrower must pay off the loan (balloon payment) or refinance.

Construction Loans with lower payments during the construction period.

Bridge Loans to assist with financing while waiting for the sale of your property.

Home Equity (second mortgages) allows you to increase your borrowing power by borrowing against the equity you've earned in your home.

Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program agrees to ensure a loan so lending institutions can help home buyers while incurring less risk. Servicing transferred.

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